Yesterday my friend Patrizia Boglione came back to Nonna Betta with a friend. Patrizia is a remarkable person in many respects. She is the creative director of a big advertising agency, she has a passion for food and his blog gorgelous is a reference point for content and style. while we were talking with Alexander,…


The Roman Jewish Ghetto

The Roman (Jewish) Ghetto (Italian: Ghetto di Roma) was a ghetto located in the rione Sant’Angelo, in Rome, Italy, in the area surrounded by today’s Via del Portico d’Ottavia, Lungotevere dei Cenci, Via del Progresso and Via di Santa Maria del Pianto close to the Tiber and the Theater of Marcellus. In Italian, the ghetto…


Hanukkah and Religious Freedom

By Rabbi Marc D. Angel Hanukkah is widely observed as a holiday that celebrates religious freedom. The persecuted Jews of ancient Israel waged battle against their Syrian/Hellenistic oppressors, and won the right to rededicate the Temple and to restore Jewish worship and religious practices. Religious freedom is a wonderful thing. It allows us to worship…