Partecipate with enthusiasm in Nonna Betta’s fight against the Analphabettic!

An “analphabettic“ is someone who has never eaten at Nonna Betta.

Save your analphabettic friends, those who are still victims of this condition: book a table now, we’ll be happy to introduce them to Nonna Betta’s most representative and traditional dishes of Roman Jewish cuisine.


Easy, if you bring us an analphabettic friend, that person will pay half price.

If there are 3 of you, one of you will pay a third; if you’re a party of 4, one of you pays a quarter of the price; if there’s 5 of you, one of you pays a fifth. While in a group of 6 or more, one patron eats for free.

ATTENTION: You can take advantage of this amazing promotion only if you have already eaten at Nonna Betta yourself, and hold an Honorary Grandson Card!

This offer is valid during lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday.


If you want, you can book now filling the following form.

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porta un amico a provare la cucina giudaico romanesca di nonna betta